Training and Socialization for your dog or your puppy.

Would you like your dog to pass other dogs and people while on a leash walk without lunging and barking?  Do you prefer your dog sit to greet guests when they visit rather than jump on them? Would you like your dog to come when you call him?

Using effective humane methods you will learn how to train your dog with positive scientifically proven methods. Learn how to modify your dog’s behaviors using fun positive techniques.

Kathleen and Charlie and MiaWhy use positive training? Our goal at Pawsitive Pooch is for you to build a long-term relationship with your dog based on mutual trust and respect. We reach this goal by using positive reinforcement and avoiding physical punishment. Punitive training is inhumane, frequently results in an unhappy dog, and does not work long term. It is a proven fact that Positive Reinforcement strengthens the bond between you and your dog and the behaviors you teach will be long term.
Pawsitive Pooch Dog Training teaches you how to modify your dog’s naughty behaviors to polite manners all while your pooch is happily learning!


I strongly recommend Kathleen as a trainer for your puppy!  There is no better way to get your puppy on the right path to being a well-behaved dog that everyone will enjoy than to take one of  Pawsitive Pooch’s classes.  Not only will your pup learn a lot, but you will too.  I have known Kathleen for the past 18 years and have worked with her in many capacities around dog rescue, training, spaying/neutering.  She’s the best!
Cheryl Wicks
Co-Founder Sammie’s Friends



Zoom Training In Your Home

Need help with your new puppy but don’t want to leave home?

Have your questions answered and learn how to teach basic puppy manners in the comfort of your home.

Call (530)559-8548 to schedule a Zoom Training Session.  Cost: $95 one-hour session.

 I am so pleased with the Zoom Training I received from Kathleen. It was exactly what I needed to make sure my new pup is well adjusted. I have never had such a young pup so I knew I needed help and Kathleen provided that. The training and tips were practical, real life and easy. Journie and I are working several times a day on this and she is really learning. Kathleen even sent follow up training sheets on everything we did. Journie and I will be back for next level training for sure. Thank you KATHLEEN!!!
Heather in Georgia




Dog & Puppy Training in Nevada City

We Partner with Wags & Warriors

Veterans who suffer from PTSD & interested in training their own dog as a service dog are offered classes at no charge.

Veteran with dog in training